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Hot tub water sanitation:

Chlorine against bacteria and fungi growth:

Chlorine granules will help you sanitizing your hot tub. This is the most common chemicals for Spa, hot tubs and pools. It contains 5 kg and it costs around £30. Chlorine is the cheapest sanitation system and still the most popular. This product is stabilized, it means the manufacturer added cyanuric acid to prevent early destruction of Chlorine by sunlight. Its Ph is close 7 so that it does not break the water balance.

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Hot tub water balance:

Water PH increaser:

Clearwater Ph plus is a simple granules product to increase your hot tub water Ph. you just need to first check your PH, if your ph is lower than 7.2, add one tablespoon of clearwater plus granules to your spa and check the Water Ph again. It is recommended to turn your air blower on to dissolve the granules

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Water PH reducer:

After testing your hot tub water ph, if it exceeds 7.8 you have to buy some PH reducer. The clearwater PH minus can be added to your hot tub water for reducing the PH. The granules are dissolved very quickly. It is advised to turn on your air blower.

Hot tub water shock:

The hot tub water shock or oxidizer gets rid of impurities like cosmetics, natural human body oil, organic waste and everything that make your water hazy. The Happy hot tubs Quality non chlorine shock 1kg bottle works with Chlorine and Bromine sanitizers (like the one above). Just add two tablespoons of produc into your spa and switch on the pump and wait for 15 minutes.